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Natural Holistic Wellness Therapies and Treatments Can Help You Go In The Right Direction

Wellness Resources and Recommendations

Easy Stretches
Benefits and Risks of Massage
Essential Oil Benefits and How To Use Overview
Benefits of Drinking Pu’erh Tea Daily
Natural Calm to Sooth Anxiety and Help with Insomnia
Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths
How to Clear and Charge Crystals and Stones
Can You Tell Which One Of Your Chakras Is Out Of Balance?
Take a Look at Universal Life Force Energy
What is Reiki?
Benefits of Reiki
Reiki is NOT a Religion
How Reiki Benefits Athletes and People with Active Lifestyles
What You May Experience During A Reiki Treatment
Who Can Receive Reiki Treaments

I am Licensed Massage Therapist Kim Crinella and I specialize in helping people reduce pain and improve the quality of life using natural holistic wellness modalities. In person therapy services are available on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Reiki and crystal therapy services are available anywhere in the World.

Massage Therapy For Pain
Massage Therapy For Stress Relief and Relaxation
Massage Therapy For Peripheral Neuropathy
Chair Massage
Cupping Therapy
Kinesiology Taping
Gua Sha/IASTM Therapy
Sonic Massage
Reiki Therapy
Crystal Therapy
Crystal Grids
Pyradym Therapy
Wellness Resources
Oahu Wedding Officiant Services

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