DIY Positive Energy Scrub

DIY Positive Energy Scrub

Sea Salt has the ability to absorb negative energy and clear energy fields. Use this positive energy scrub while showering or bathing any time you need to clear your energy field of negative energy. It will also exfoliate, soften, and moisturize your skin.

¼ cup Hawaiian salt or raw sea salt
¼ cup coconut oil
20 drops favorite essential oil (suggested mint and orange for mood elevation or citrus (orange or lemon) and lavender for relaxation)

🥄Mix in mason jar or other jar with lid. Use on moist skin.

🌼If you are new to essential oils I recommend using the doTERRA Essential Oils 101 resource at where you will find helpful information about the different essential oils, descriptions of how they smell, how to use the different essential oils, and any usage warnings for the individual oils. doTERRA is a high quality brand of essential oils that I personally have used for over a decade on a daily basis to improve the quality of my life.

🌼 Place your order for doTERRA oil directly from the website and they will be mailed to you, the shipping is very reasonable. My experience is orders are typically received within a week.

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