Massage For Peripheral Neuropathy

One or more Neuropathy symptoms can be experienced in the feet and hands

Numbness, Tingling, or Burning Sensations in the Hands and/or Feet

👐👣People with Peripheral Neuropathy experience numbness, tingling, and/or burning sensations in the hands and feet are commonly a result from chemotherapy or diabetes but can also be caused by things such as nerve impingement, tumor, inflammation, and vitamin deficiency. Specific massage therapy techniques recommended by the MD Anderson Center for Integrative Medicine have been shown to be immediately effective in improving symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. I have studied these techniques as part of my licensed massage therapist continuing education and get great personal fulfillment seeing how this therapy improves the quality of people’s lives.

Even nerves that have been damaged by neuropathy have the ability to repair and recover naturally with therapy

🦶🏻👉🏻Three types of nerves commonly are affected by neuropathy.
One or a combination of them can be experienced:
SENSORY NERVES– ability to feel textures, hot and cold
– feeling weak, unstable, unbalanced, trouble walking, droop foot or hand
impacts systems of the body not consciously controlled like digestion system. Impairment causes constipation, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, difficulty digestion foods.

Improve symptoms of numbness, tingling, and/or burning sensations in your hands and/or feet with Neuropathy Massage Therapy

👐🏻I am Licensed Massage Therapist Kim Crinella and I work with people on Oahu who suffer from peripheral neuropathy and want a natural option to improve symptoms. My friend survived breast cancer and endured chemo but got peripheral neuropathy in both of her feet after the last chemo treatment. The neuropathy caused numbness in both feet that caused her to walk into things and disrupted her balance at times. I learned this massage protocol to see if it would help her. After a one hour session she was so excited to be able to feel the ground under her feet again, she danced all the way to her car with a huge smile on her face! I will never forget that experience. It gives me great personal fulfillment to improve the quality of people’s lives.


Rates for 1 hour Peripheral Neuropathy Massage at Kapolei office is:
Session by Session after session one $60 per session.
Appointments are scheduled for Wednesdays through Sundays with the first appointment at 10am and the last appointment 3:30pm. I may be able to accommodate later starts for 1 hour appointments. I do not work later than 6pm due to family obligations.

Package Deals for sessions at Kapolei office:
Buy 1 month of once a week sessions (4 sessions) $230 save $10
Buy 2 months of once a week sessions (8 sessions) $450 save $30
Buy 3 months of once a week sessions (12 sessions) $680 save $40

Comments from Peripheral Neuropathy Massage Clients

🦶🏻Client Lynn: “My neuropathy is in both feet from diabetes. The pain is from the pads to toes with pain more excruciating at night. Both ankles up to the calf below my knees hurt. My ankles at night seems stiff so throughout the night I rotate both ankles. I experience all the pain in the foot chart photo. I slept in such a deep sleep the last 2 nights after my neuropathy massage. I haven’t done that in 2 years. I feel so focused this morning that I even cleaned my house before I came to work. Thank you so much Kim!”

🦶🏻👐🏻Client Janae: “My neuropathy is in both my feet and both my hands which started during chemotherapy for breast cancer, I have 3 treatments remaining. My neuropathy was stable and was not getting better but it wasn’t getting worse. Immediately following the neuropathy massage I experienced a 50 % reduction of neuropathy symptoms in my feet and it totally went away in my hands. The day following the massage the symptoms returned and were pretty bad but I also had swelling due to chemo and that could have something to do with it. But the day after that the swelling was down and the neuropathy was like it was just after the neuropathy massage. I feel like it has stayed steadily at 50% less for nearly a week since the neuropathy massage.”

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I am Licensed Massage Therapist Kim Crinella and I specialize in helping people reduce pain and improve the quality of life using natural holistic wellness modalities. In person therapy services are available on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Reiki and crystal therapy services are available anywhere in the World.

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