Crystal Grids

Crystal Grid for Prosperity in a Tattoo Shop

Crystal Grid
What is it and how does it work?

Everything emits an energy force that is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen using a Kirlian camera. The photo below is a photo of smokey quartz taken with a Kirlian camera. You can see the life force energy radiating from the crystal. When the flow of energy is blocked in the body it can manifest into physical pain, emotional issues, an even disease.

Smokey quartz crystal, Kirlian photograph. Kirlian photography is a photographic technique that records the coronal discharge from an object placed in a strong electric field. Also called electrography or corona discharge photography, it is based on the principle of the corona discharge phenomenon that takes place when an electrically grounded object generates an electrical field, discharging sparks between itself and an electrode. Booth/Garian Science Lab

Crystals can recharge our energy and raise our frequency to help with physical pain, emotional issues and disease. Crystal Grids combine the energies of different crystals for a specific outcome like protection or to attract something.

Crystal Grids for Attraction
Crystal Grids are a collection of crystals and stones with a purpose to attract something. Popular uses for crystal grids are to attract things like money, love, a better job, good luck, good health, positive energy, friendship.

Crystal Grid for Prosperity

Crystal Grids for EMF Shielding
Crystal grids can also be used to provide a shield of protection against low vibrations such as modern electronic devices. Many stones and crystals omit a natural frequency that offers protection from harmful cell degenerating electromagnetic fields (EMF) omitted by cell phones, lap tops, pcs, tvs, and other electronics. Work areas, tv rooms, and bedrooms are the best places to put crystal grids for EMF shielding in the home and office.

Crystal Grid for Protection and Love in Bedroom

Custom Crystal Grids
I customize grids for each client based on their desired outcome and program the crystals. Crystal grids can be created to fit your available space and budget. In the slide show is a crystal grid for Prosperity and Abundance I did for a tattoo shop using stones and crystals carved into skulls to appeal to their clientele.
Contact me if you are interested in a crystal grid for your home or office!

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