Pyradym Therapy

What Is Pyradym?

Sound can penetrate mass, organize matter, regulate the body’s functioning – all at the cellular level. Pyradym is a FDA approved class one medical device using light, sound, and physioacousitcs to attune the human body’s innate ability to heal itself. Pyradym is used as a treatment for disease and ailments but does not diagnose them. While fully clothed sitting or laying comfortably Pyradym generates a relaxing stereophonic sound that you listen to through a set of headphones or as a sound bath through special speakers and along with that sound is the associated physical vibration.


Physioacoustics can relieve pain without clouding the mind. Physioacoustics can relieve anxiety or induce sleep with no drug toxicity and no “hangover”. Physioacoustics decreases muscle spasticity and increases circulation. The mechanism of action of Physioacoustics is based on measurements of intrinsic oscillation frequencies of the human nervous system and resonance characteristics of various muscle groups, therefore “acclimation” does not exist. Vibrational Medicine has been around for thousands of years and in modern times thousands of clinical research hours have documented and taught how to effectively use these sounds to relax, to stimulate, to relieve pain. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has determined levels of vibration and sound that are safe for human exposure. An independent laboratory tested the Pyradym set at maximum amplitude and it was found to be safe within ISO Standards for human exposure even if run twenty-four hours a day. Physioacoustics from Pyradym feels good and has no negative side effects.

What Can Pyradym Do?

Pyradym is tuned to the human body using a unique mathematically proportional scale relevant to the human body and is designed to sympathetically resonate the human body at typical characteristic resonant or “signature” frequencies. Physioacoustic therapy affects all body functions, mainly the control center in the brains, the thalamus, but also on other nerve tissue, muscle and connective tissue and the blood and lymph circulation. Physioacoustic therapy is based on the natural frequency of every human cell. When playing the correct frequency a specific group of cells will vibrate or resonate unconstrained. Different frequencies in a range of 27 Hz tol 113 Hz are combined to resonate with different areas of the body. Sound resonance is powerful enough to blow out a candle when audible and can be used therapeutically to help move blood and lymph circulation, reset the autonomic system, reduce chronic headaches, elevate mood and so much more. Specific frequencies can even vibrate targeting parasites and cancer cells to a point that they burst while leaving healthy cells unharmed. This is similar to how a certain note can vibrate a crystal glass to a point it shatters. By imparting an appropriate low frequency sound energy related to the characteristic resonance frequencies of the mass structures of the body, which are organs, glands, muscles, bone, etc you are not only vibrationally massaging these internal structures, but are also stimulating their capacity to detoxify. Physioacoustic therapy works through clothing, bandage, medical support modifications or plaster cast.

Pyradym has been in uses since 2002 and it has been extremely beneficial as a treatment for anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, headaches, ADD and ADHD, trouble focusing, memory problems, body pain, injury, resetting the autonomic system, parasites, cancer, alzheimer, and so much more! The stereo sound field generated by Pyradym helps induce “whole brain” integration. This integration aspect can help to stimulate the neurological structure of the brain which can facilitate better cognitive reasoning, more efficient learning skills, and better motor coordination. A study at the NYU Medical Center found that that one of the standard tones generated by Pyradym may help to induce a resonance within a specific region of the brain that would provide support of the central nervous system and help offset the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Pyradym therapy as a sound bath in a group session

Effective Therapy for
Entrainment and Pain Inhibiting

How Pyradym is different from musical instruments or other sound therapy devices is Pyradym incorporates full spectrum brain entrainment techniques using light as well as sound at the same time providing a physioacoustic stimulation designed to resonate the human body. Entrainment is the occurrence in humans where the major biological systems can be induced to synchronize with one another. The application of an appropriate sound is a highly effective and non-invasive means of causing biological entrainment.

Another aspect of physioacoustic stimulation is as a technique of sensory modulation – the use of vibration as a continuous tactile input to stimulate the dorsal columns of the spine so that pain signals are inhibited. Physioacoustic stimulation can also stimulate marrow production in bones which manufactures bone marrow stem sells and other substances which in turn produces red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen and neutrients to the body’s tissue and removes waste.

The physical sensation of Pyradym is similar to the sensation of being vibrated in a vibrating chair or bed, but it is perceived as being much more pleasant. Mechanical vibration systems can cause side effects such as nausea, motion sickness, and “acclimation” to the sensation. There are a number of mechanical bed or chair systems out there that have limitations placed on their amount of use for that very reason. That doesn’t happen with
Pyradym’s physioacoustic system – you can run it 24/7 if you want to without any adverse effects.

Schedule an appointment to experience the only Pyradym in the Hawaiian Islands and see for yourself! Contact me to schedule private Pyradym events for your group, club, church, or friends! Below are photos from the Team Lally Real Estate event where I set up in a conference room in their office and provided Pyradym and massage services to their employees.

Pyradym Therapy Rates

Pyradym therapy is available on its own or can be added with massage, cupping, and/or gua sha services.
Rates for services at my Kapolei Office
$30 for 30 minutes Pyradym therapy (no massage, no gua sha, no cupping)
$60 for 1 hour Pyradym therapy with massage $60 (no cupping, no gua sha)
$90 for 90 minutes Pyradym Therapy with massage, cupping and/or gua sha
$120 for 2 hours Pyradym Therapy with massage, cupping and/or gua sha
$180 for 3 hours Pyradym Therapy with massage, cupping and/or gua sha

Travel rates start at $100 per hour with a 2 hour minimum and goes up depending on where on Oahu.

Videos and Medical Studies About Pyradym and Vibrational Medicine

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Pyradym Therapy is available on its own or can be added with massage, cupping, and gua sha services.

Neither PYRADYM (™) nor those associated with the instrument’s manufacture can prescribe, treat, heal, predict, or diagnose any condition for you. Any information given is purely suggestion and is subject to your own discretion and decision. Anyone experiencing any dis-ease, illness, or injury should consult with a licensed medical professional.

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