Hot Tub Benefits

This is my Coleman Saluspa inflatable hot tub after setting it up and filling it for the first time.

Hot Tub Review and Benefits

In May 2020 during the pandemic lock down since I was spending all my time at home I decided to make over my lanai/deck solely using the internet. At the top of my list was a inflatable hot tub which is something I have wanted for over 30 years. I wasn’t sure a hot tub would fit on my lanai which is 7.5 feet X 13 feet but I was very happy to find many options of inflatable hot tubs that would fit on my lanai without taking up the entire space. I looked at many reviews videos on inflatable hot tubs of several brands and price ranges. I chose Coleman Saluspa model after many reviews said it was made of thicker more durable materials, it had a ring of bubbles where some models only had bubbles in sections, and it was only 6 feet in diameter with the ability to fit 2 adults comfortably. I also liked the woven basket design on the outside which goes with my decor and color scheme.

This is a similar model Coleman hot tub which sets up exactly the same

The Coleman Saluspa Havana hot tub is easy to set up and take down with just 1 person. I was able to set it up by myself twice now as well as have drained and disassembled it once by myself. With 1-2 people using my hot tub almost daily I find I need to add 2 Tablespoons chlorine granules and rinse the two filters with the hose once a week. If you have more people using your hot tub then you will need to clean the filters and add chlorine more frequently. I skim the hot tub almost every day. I highly recommend a foot bath to rinse feet before going in to reduce debris. The hot tub needs to be plugged into an outdoor outlet with breaker. I had to have one installed on my lanai and it has been tripped several times since installing so it is necessary.

I LOVE my Coleman Saluspa Havana inflatable hot tub and use it nearly every day. My favorite time of day to go in is at night before bed. It relaxes my muscles helping me to sleep. I like to do yoga in the hot tub an look at the stars. I tend to use my hot tub more without the bubbles so I can enjoy the sounds of nature. I like to keep my hot tub at the max heat setting of 104 degrees F and my electric bill went up about $40 a month which I feel is worth it since I use it nearly every day and it helps me to relax my muscles and sleep better. Save your money on accessories like trays that fit on the side of the pool or pillows to rest your head on. I purchased these and never ever used them, not even once. I purchased a floating pool speaker to listen to music and hated it.

Items you do want for your inflatable hot tub: chlorine 1-inch tablets or chlorine granules, pool skimmer net (you don’t need the pole), pool chemical tester kit. I tried the pool chemical testing strips and they suck. Don’t waste your money. Get the chemical testing kit with the liquid drops. It is more accurate.

Hot Tub Health Benefits

Stress Relief
Muscle, Joint, and Tendon Relaxation
Improved Sleep
Pain Relief
Reduces Inflammation
Decreases Stiffness
Improved Flexibility
Arthritis Relief
Raises heart rate and lowers blood pressure improving cardiovascular health
Improved Insulin Sensitivity – recommended for diabetics

You have heart disease.
You are pregnant.
You have open wounds.
If you have low blood pressure.
You have a urinary tract infection.
You have active diarrhea.

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