Take A Look At Universal Life Force Energy

The energy emitted from all living things is known by many names… ki, chi, reiki, life force energy, the force…. and this energy is able to be photographed with a Kirlian camera. The photos above were taken with Kirlian cameras and show the energy omitted of living and inanimate objects. 

I am Licensed Massage Therapist Kim Crinella and I specialize in helping people reduce pain and improve the quality of life using natural holistic wellness modalities. In person therapy services are available on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Reiki and crystal therapy services are available anywhere in the World.

Natural Wellness Pain Therapy with
Licensed Massage Therapist Kim Crinella
Massage Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Gua Sha Therapy, Sonic Massage Therapy,  K-Taping, Crystal Therapy, Reiki Energy Therapy, Chakra Balancing
If you are in pain message me!

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