Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is best known for helping to speed up healing and recovery time from sickness, injury, and surgery. Reiki is practiced in hospitals around the world complementing the Western medicine practices. Reiki energy works on a subtle level which has profound results. You may notice immediate impacts from the Reiki treatment or the impact may not become apparent until in the following days and weeks.

Reiki can be beneficial for:
Blockages and resistance in the body.
Increase injury and illness healing time.
Anxiety and stress.
Insomnia and restless sleep.
Long standing problems.
Drink, drugs, and smoking addictions.
Eating disorders.
Relationship problems.
Nervousness, fear, phobias.
Anger, sadness and other emotions.
Grief from bereavement.
Enhancing affirmations.
Improving intuition and inspiration.
Calming negative atmospheres.
Balances energy in home, office, crystals.
Calming arguments.
Improving poor communication.
Protects on every level.
From losing personal belongings.
While traveling.
Find lost articles.
Improves creativity.
Helps coma patients and head injury patients.
Heal childhood or earlier life problem if it is still a problem in the present life.
Sent to future situations for a positive outcome. (meetings, weddings, special events, dental appointments, surgeries, child birth, job interviews, etc.)
Work on deep seated diseases.
Work on long standing problems.
Works on tests and exams.
Works on interviews and meetings.

To receive the benefits of Reiki the person or animal only has to be open to receiving Reiki. Animals are very receptive to Reiki and tend to get great benefit from treatments for injury, anxiety, sickness, depression, and to recover from physical or emotional abuse. They do not have the same subconscious filters like humans. Reiki treatments are equally effective for humans and animals in person, by video chat, and administered remotely. Think of Reiki as a radio signal being beamed directly to you, just for you, you just need to tune in to receive it at the time it is being broadcasted to receive the treatment and the benefits.

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I am Licensed Massage Therapist Kim Crinella and I specialize in helping people reduce pain and improve the quality of life using natural holistic wellness modalities. In person therapy services are available on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Reiki and crystal therapy services are available anywhere in the World.

I specialize in working with people with injury, recovering from surgery, or has their life negatively impacted by pain in their neck, shoulders, rotator cuffs, arms, wrists, elbows, hands, back, hips, glutes, legs, knees, ankles, and/or feet. I also work with people suffering from peripheral neuropathy, carpel tunnel, frequent headaches/migraines and athletes wanting to increase endurance, improve performance and reduce recovery time from training and competitions.

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