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The brain is an amazing contraption and the sensation of smells can cause your brain to recall memories associated with the smell, it can alter your mood, and it can have healing properties. For over 5,000 years aromatherapy has been used to elevate the mood, relax, and heal the body using essential oils. Essential oils can be used topically, inhaled, in a diffuser, in baths, with compresses, in a facial steamer, in cooking, or with massage. However, not all essential oils are created equally. I personally use doTERRA essential oils which are high-grade oils that are also food grade. Every batch of oil undergoes rigorous purity testing and is certified. Not all oils are this pure so before consuming oils be sure to research the oils confirming they are food grade and high quality.

How I use essential oils daily to improve the quality of my life.

Add oils like orange and lime to flavor water!

I like to put one or two drops of doTERRA wild orange, lemon or lime oil in my water. It gives the water a nice flavor which makes me drink more of it. The essential oils also add vitamin c and antioxidants to the water and help to balance the body’s pH.


Diffusing oils to breath in the oils is another way I enjoy essential oils daily for stress relief. My favorite doTERRA oil combinations for de-stressing and relaxation using in a diffuser are:
wild orange and peppermint
wild orange and eucalyptus
bergamot and lemon


Another way I like to breath in to enjoy essential oils is in the shower. Just a few drops of peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil on the floor of the tub releases the scent when the water hits it and makes me feel like I am showering at a fancy spa. I find these two scents very invigorating and calming at the same time. When I am stressed out or having a bad day taking a hot shower with peppermint oil diffusing in the steam is my favorite way to recover.

migraine headache

I get migraines when I am under a lot of stress. For migraines and regular headaches I find putting a drop of peppermint oil on each temple and on the back of the neck helps to reduce if not stop the pain. Another technique that helps with migraines and headaches is I put a drop of peppermint oil in the palm of my hand and then rubbing my palms together. When it warms up I then cup my hands over my nose and inhale. I get good results from this! I also use this same technique when I am feeling anxiety or very stressed out to help calm my nerves. Peppermint has a very soothing effect for me. I carry a bottle of peppermint oil with me at all times.

on guard

On Guard is my favorite oil to diffuse during the Winter months. I love the smell of this oil, it reminds me of Christmas with it’s warm citrus spice scent. Diffused On Guard kills germs and bacteria in the air so it is especially beneficial to run during cold and flu season. Putting a mix of water and On Guard in a small spray bottle is useful for when going to the gym or yoga class. Mist the yoga mat or gym equipment before using to disinfect. Or when traveling mist the airplane seat, arm rest, and tray tables. There is a whole line of household products using On Guard from doTERRA. I use the On Guard foaming hand wash at my bathroom sinks year round.


Tea Tree Oil aka Melaleuca Oil is my go to oil when I get a cut, burn, inflamed gums, acne, or hemorrhoids. It has potent natural antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. I find it instantly gives me relief for inflamed skin and hemorrhoids. I notice my cuts, scrapes and acne heal quickly when I use Melaleuca oil on it.


When laundry is stinky or I forget laundry in the washing machine overnight and it starts smelling funky I run the washing machine with about 6 drops of On Guard to disinfect and deodorize. When I want laundry to just smell extra fresh I add about 6 drops of lemon essential oil. When the laundry hamper smells musty using a few drops or a spray bottle mix of water and On Guard or lemon freshens it up nicely!


Buying Essential Oils

If you are interested in incorporating doTERRA essential oils into your life there are three ways to purchase them:
* Retail: To purchase as a retail customer click here and then click on the “shop” button on the top menu bar. The store is filled with a wide selection of oils and other doTERRA essential oil related products and you will pay full retail price.
* Wholesale: A doTERRA wholesale membership is only $35 for the first 12 months of membership and includes 25% off retail prices on oils and a free bottle of peppermint essential oil! After your first year it is only $25 per year to renew your wholesale membership and you get a free bottle of peppermint oil each renewal! If you are a daily essential oil user like I am this has the best value and will save you a lot of money over the year of membership.
* Wellness Advocate: If you find you love doTERRA oils and want to build your own essential oil business sharing them with people you can join as a Wellness Advocate which is the same cost as the Wholesale membership $35 for the first year, $25 each following year (including a free bottle of peppermint oil annually), however you also receive a personal doTERRA website, access to business reports and tools, and you earn commissions on oil sales. Wellness Advocate membership fee also includes a free bottle of peppermint essential oil and you save 25% off retail prices on your own purchases.


If you are new to essential oils the doTERRA shop with each individual oil listing they provide helpful information about the essential oil, health benefits of the oil, descriptions of how the oil smells, how to use the oil, and any usage warnings for the individual oil. 


All orders for doTERRA oil are placed directly from the doTERRA website and then mailed to you, the shipping is not expensive. My experience is orders are typically received the same week they are placed.

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