How to Clear and Recharge Crystals

Energy omitted by crystals can be seen using a kirlian camera.

How to Clear Negative Energy From Crystals

Crystals and stones not only omit energy but they also absorb it. In order to ensure your crystals and stones are omitting the purest true frequency it is necessary to clear negative energy from them regularly. Clear negative energy from crystals, stones, and jewelry at least monthly by:
<>Passing the crystal or stone through the smoke of incense a few times.
<>Pass the crystal or stone through the flame of a candle a few times.
<>Pass the crystal or stone through the smoke of sage a few times.
<>Place the crystal or stone in dry soil in a potted plant or outdoors for a few hours. It is not recommended to use the same potted plant or same spot in nature as it can kill the plants with the repeated discharge of negative energy.
<>Reiki can be used to clear negative energy from crystals and stones as well as recharges them.

Charging stones an crystals in the morning sun.

How to Recharge Crystals

Once cleared, recharge crystals or stones by placing them in the sun for an hour or in the moonlight overnight. A Full moon is an especially powerful time to charge crystals and stones. When charging be sure to set a positive intention for your crystals and stones. Imagine them being filled with positive energy, love and light.
Selenite resonates at such a high frequency that it both clears and recharges crystals and stones. If you have a large enough piece of selenite place your crystals, stones, and jewelry on the selenite overnight where it will both clear and recharge them at the same time.

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