Home Food Growing

Home Food Growing

Helpful Videos For Home Gardeners

5 Easy Ways to Self Water Plants to water less often, conserve water, and for when you go away on vacation https://youtu.be/zcRPc2MKPow

How to Grow Microgreens start to finish. https://youtu.be/dtvuMNVLISo
Anyone can grow microgreens including people who live in apartments due to the small space growing takes and the high volume and high nutrient crops that are grown. Save money on salads by growing and eating microgreen salads instead of buying or growing leaf lettuce. Get a crop in less than 2 weeks that will be super high in nutrients and full of flavor and eaten over a few days costing a fraction of what microgreens cost in the store and taking a fraction of the time of growing leaf lettuce which is less nutritious. Microgreens can be grown indoor using LED lights, outdoors in natural sunlight, and hydroponically.

Use Rope, Paracord, or Twine to create a hanging planter out of any container using a carrier knot. This video shows how to make a carrier knot https://youtu.be/AYtLw3S-3Wo . Then just use with water bottle, gallon jugs, jars, pots etc. Be sure to drill drainage holes on the bottom of your containers.

How to create Raised Plant Beds inexpensively https://youtu.be/VP9N9Ve2h4M

Five Crops that Save Home Growers the most money https://youtu.be/aAmiTgdpGrQ

How to use Vinegar in a Organic Garden as a herbicide, pesticide, ant and fly deterrent and to help your garden to thrive https://youtu.be/hO071MANkm0

Many Uses for Milk Jugs in the Garden to reduce costs, repurpose, and make gardening easier https://youtu.be/MVlQ6ez1SD4

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